Some More Facts about Game Playing

Game Playing and Duality


Here are some little known facts about the games we play with our partners in relationship:

  • Games are not played only between people in a romantic relationship. They can also be played between family members, between work colleagues, between friends and even between “teams” of people.
  • You need two to tango. All players have to be willing to play otherwise there will be no game. And while playing, each participant can and do make conclusions about the game which may have nothing to do with the payoff of the game itself.
  • Games can be played out of fear.
  • Some people are just scared to let other people get close to them simply because they fear the possibility of the other person leaving and the pain of missing them.
  • Some games can be played out in a minute, though the ultimate script payoff may take a lifetime to reach.
  • Members of a couple can play different games at the same time. If the one starts the “Why don’t you…” game the other will probably automatically switch to the “Yes, but…” one. We could be sure that there will be a different payoff for each person.
  • Another interesting game that can be played is the one within ourselves. This being said I would like to refer to the yin and yang, black and white personalities we all contain within us and the never ending contradiction and resulting conflict between both.

Although most of us are aware that these games lead nowhere positive we still get involved when we feel it coming.

It is like a bad habit we are used to, or, like an addiction, without one our life feels incomplete due to the perceived lack of “spice” or excitement in it. Some of us are so addicted to drama that we can even feel life is boring without it sometimes to the point of creating it. The result is invariably a game simply because someone generally gets hurt.

Do we really need to play such games in order to feel alive? And if we keep on doing the same thing over again how can we really expect a different outcome?

Let me know your thoughts on this topic or if you have some further questions about this topic leave your comments below.

To the wonder of you,





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