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The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Lights of ideas

Have you ever asked your friends how they make breakfast for their children in the morning? Does your friends’ age, occupation or social status have any impact on the recipes they use to make pancakes or oats or eggs? I don’t think so!

I expect that you have not taken such detailed and smile-provoking “research” among your friends...

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Family and Cultural Scripts

Family Photo Christmas 2011“Dear, don’t leave the laundry there!” – and at that very moment I heard the voice of my mother talking to my father. Isn’t it weird how we’ve always thought that this was our voice… but is it really like this?

And how many of us could claim to be the true authors of the above. Aren’t we all the branches and the fruits of one and the same tree back in the family yard?

When you were born into your family, you were presented with your script for life. The script is the programming you undergo that defines how your life will be lived out—it’s not much different from a computer program, really...

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Find Your Real Self In The Mirror

How often do you look at yourself in the mirror? I mean how often do you really look at yourself? And have you ever felt when you’ve done this that you are looking at someone else? Just as if somebody has replaced you with another person?

Sometimes you don’t need to face the mirror in order to really feel that your concept of yourself is quite different from the reality. You are being reminded in every step in your lifethat a part of you lives in illusion – about yourself, about your relationship, and about the surrounding world.

The “lies” in the title Love, Lies, and the Games Couples Play refers to the mistaken attitudes and beliefs that we can hold about ourselves and about others...

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