The Power of the Subconscious Mind

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Have you ever asked your friends how they make breakfast for their children in the morning? Does your friends’ age, occupation or social status have any impact on the recipes they use to make pancakes or oats or eggs? I don’t think so!

I expect that you have not taken such detailed and smile-provoking “research” among your friends. Maybe the real question behind this example is: What do we really know about the Power of the Subconscious Mind and how it does what it does? Indeed what is the true impact it has on our daily lives? Do we really devote the time needed to sort out our own thoughts and actions as we do the laundry each week? For example – “These thoughts are subconscious so I won’t worry about them, while these ones go straight to the basket for further conscious consideration”.

We also know the power of the subconscious mind, since every day we do so many things without even thinking. We shower, get dressed, brush our teeth, have breakfast, and get ourselves to work and home again without even giving it a second thought. We just trust our unconscious mind to take care of these things, and it does.

How Did I Get Here?

If you’re sceptical, let me ask you this question: have you ever driven your car or taken a walk and suddenly realized you didn’t remember how you got where you were? Your subconscious mind got you there, and you can trust it. If you had come across a stop sign or something happened that needed your attention, your conscious mind would’ve taken control in an instant. This ability is really very helpful: it means that you don’t have to read the directions on the toothpaste tube for how to brush your teeth or look at a map (or use a GPS) to find your way to work or back home again. It’s the same process for almost everything you do in life. And not just what you do, but what you think, feel, and say as well.

Your unconscious actions might apply to the food you eat, the cigarettes you smoke, or your habit of not rising early enough in the day to take a walk. Interestingly, your thoughts can also be habitual, and so can your feelings.

You learn how to respond to the things that happen in your life. You then think, feel, and behave in exactly that way, over and over again, until something happens that forces you to rethink those responses. Only then are you likely to try something different.

Psychology and contemporary science have the power and the tools to explain to us why we’ve been unexplainably attracted to a stranger, without visible reason for this, why we have pancake pictures and recipes clicking back in our mind, why the words we address our husband with resemble those of our mother to her husband. There’s nothing secret or mystical about our behaviour: our Subconscious Mind has the power to instantly conquer our conscious mind and make us act the way our parents and our surrounding environment has set us up to do.

Have you ever tried to overcome a bad habit? Bad habits are hard to shift because they have become so entrenched that you just do them automatically. Share with me your own story, share with me about that very thing of your daily life you’ve managed to identify as a bad habit and the way you’ve managed to overcome it. And do not worry if this turns out to be that small piece of chocolate in front of the TV …. It may be unhealthy but we all do it at the end of the day!

To the wonder of you,





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