The Power of Gratitude

Which Scenario Best Fits Your Relationship?

The Power of Gratitude

You wake up in the morning and lean over to your partner for a good morning kiss and hug or you grab your mobile, ignoring the person beside you, as you roll out of your bed to go for a coffee and/or a cigarette?

There are numerous ways to approach your partner when you want to encourage certain behaviours and numerous ways to fail in it.

We can so easily overcomplicate things, believing that there is only one way to get what we want and that is having ignored our partner we then get angry and demand, often through put-downs, what we want.

The smarter approach though is usually the simplest suggestion – to show you are grateful that he or she is there not just when you want something but all the time. It is funny how, we were taught as children to be nice and courteous with any stranger, we forget to do the common everyday courtesies with the people we love and see the most.

The little things in everyday’s life that make you feel loved and appreciated just for being are the same for everyone. And expressing your thanks for the many things your partner does for you and gives to you allows them also to feel loved and appreciated. Of course, the way this is done also counts and the gratitude that’s given should be genuinely from the heart.

Gratitude is a two-way approach and must first start within ourselves because we cannot be grateful to others if we aren’t grateful to ourselves in some way.

By Behaving Your Best, You Challenge Your Partner to Do the Same

This is the quickest and simplest way I know to make your fairy tale relationship come true.

Fairytales aren’t just about princes and princesses living in castles, but the way you feel in your own mind. Practicing simple gratitude such as wishing your partner “Good night”, and saying “Good morning” and “Thank you” create the fairy tale and an atmosphere that makes sense for the well being of any relationship.

In a way, we can all take our partners for granted and forget these little gestures of gratitude that remind our partners that they are appreciated and loved. Often things happen vice versa, and we address our partners in an aggressive way for the things they haven’t done, instead of pointing out the good things they have done.

To be grateful will not be just a story, or someone else’s story, or a tale of a faraway land. It will be your own fairy tale come true. The most amazing thing is that relationships may not take the hard work to maintain that we’ve been led to believe.

As you each make changes to your script and live them out, they become your new “comfort zone,” a new habit: they become your new script. This means that being your new self becomes as easy as it once was to be the old you. When you and your partner learn and change your scripts for greater compatibility, you create the potential for a life in relationship that is much, much better than you could ever have dreamed possible.

As you become truly appreciative of your partner and yourself, showing gratitude when due and presenting to your partner the best parts of who you are, you will raise the bar for your entire relationship.

To the wonder of you,




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