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The Power of Gratitude

Which Scenario Best Fits Your Relationship?

The Power of Gratitude

You wake up in the morning and lean over to your partner for a good morning kiss and hug or you grab your mobile, ignoring the person beside you, as you roll out of your bed to go for a coffee and/or a cigarette?

There are numerous ways to approach your partner when you want to encourage certain behaviours and numerous ways to fail in it.

We can so easily overcomplicate things, believing that there is only one way to get what we want and that is having ignored our partner we then get angry and demand, often through put-downs, what we want.

The smarter approach though is usually the simplest suggestion – to show you are grateful that he or she is there not just when you want something but all the time...

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Stage 5: Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

What do we really know about the power of two people who become a couple? Can we describe it with words, numbers or a vision? If for me the power of a strong relationship is expressed through my own experience and work with dozens of families, then for others it might even be expressed in the power of the family integrity expressed through much more than a life time next to one another.

I will share with you a story that moved both me and thousands of people around the world. This is a story about the power of the human spirit separately and as a part of a couple like a quadratic equation that gives the answer to the question that is Step 5 of the development of interpersonal relationships.

An inspiring example of a powerful couple

A story that keeps coming up in my local community is tha...

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I Am Ready to Meet You

Body Language or I Am Ready to Meet You

For centuries people have described and praised love as a flame striking at the heart. Sonnets, stories and novels tell stories about young lovers who through all kinds of adversity find love and come to live happily ever after.

Each one of us tends to believe this magic, to submit our whole life to it in the search of our own fabulous love story. And why not, you probably think! But for us to truly be able to say: “I Am Ready to Meet You”, we really must be free of our past and at peace in ourselves. This is the foundation and the beginning of a new life where Happy Ever After is truly possible.

And like any great adventure finding the fairy tale requires us to pass through a storm of challenges on the way...

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A Game People Play: The Martyr

A Game People Play: The Martyr

I was at the shopping centre last week finishing off my weekly shopping. I opened the car boot and was putting my shopping bags in when I overhear a conversation between a woman and a friend. They had parked their car next to mine and were gathering their things to obviously go and do some shopping of their own.

I heard one woman say that she was sick of still having to cook for her adult sons especially when they always wanted something different from each other and obviously made their wants clear. Then she spoke about her husband who had his own wants when it came to the meals that this woman would prepare for them. She complained bitterly that they all still relied on her to do not just their cooking but their cleaning and washing as well...

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The Games People Play: The Aggressor

Mad about the BanIf you have met them, you will recognize their characteristics and relationships with them will bring you nothing but feelings of frustration, helplessness and may be even despair as there is no winning with them.

We are talking about the Aggressors of the world. The game these people play follows the principle: “I must win at all cost!” In one way or another, they attempt to make themselves the reason for when things go right in their lives while blaming others when things go wrong in their lives; they under-value the efforts of their partner in relationship or completely suppress their partner’s right to express himself / herself.

In truth both types of behaviour lead to a no-win outcome.

How does this game begin? It invariably starts with a parent who is also an Aggressor...

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Exercise: Your Script Rules about Relationships

ExerciseDo you want to know more about what your script is telling you about what’s happening in your relationship? Look for the link below and complete this exercise.

Every couple has their own complex relationship. And that is what makes the balance between the couple sometimes so difficult to maintain.

However, as human nature would have it we are prone to embark again and again on new relationships, still believing and hoping that this time something magical will happen and it will be different.

I have shared many of my experiences with you and I have revealed the reasons for confrontations that happen between both partners...

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Why We Choose To Be A Victor, Visitor Or Victim – A Closer Look At Childhood

A Closer Look At Childhood

img_3874 img_4342 Acoustic Grumpy Kids

Why we choose to be a Victor, Visitor or Victim

In previous articles we took a closer look at the basic features of the three typologies of human behaviour, namely: Victor, Visitor or Victim. However, a small secret has remained unrevealed – Why we choose to be a Victor, Visitor or Victim. I guess you are asking yourself why, despite willing to be Victors, we more and more often see ourselves as Visitors, and even worse for our ego – Victims. Where and how does our view of life transform? The answer, as usual, is short and very simple – within ourselves, in our views formed in early childhood.

And please, let me underline one more point here:

Visitors and Victims exist simply because survival is the prime concern for the child we all once were.

In the story of Alex and Tamara

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Victors, Visitors, and Victims – Victims


Victors Visitors Victims

I have already spoken about Victors and Visitors. Now I want to talk about Victims. This is the life position of a person who never quite makes it. Who always seems to be left behind or misses out when something is being given out.

A Victim is simply a person for whom everything seems to go wrong (nothing ever seems to go right, either), and a person who thinks that everyone has it in for him or her.

Let me tell you a short story that takes place on a daily basis at any geographic point in the world. The telephone rings, a woman answers it and recognizes the voice of a friend of hers who lives with her husband and their three children in a big city.

After a brief greeting the women share with each other all their disappointments of their roles as mothers and wives, the insults and un...

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Victors, Visitors, and Victims – Visitors


Victors Visitors Victims

Every moment of life is unique. It is so hard to be able to become an Observer of your own life that sometimes we have the feeling that we see nothing, that something slips away, and that we do not live the life our dreams want for it.

However the truth is that the three main life positions “live” in all of us – the roles of Victors, Visitors or Victims. At different stages of our everyday lives, one of these roles may become dominant, and the other one steps back. However there will always be one position that will be more dominant throughout our life.

Let’s look at the category “Visitor” and find out the differences between this and the one already mentioned in a previous article; that of the “Victor”.

If you are a Visitor, you will set goals for yourself, just as a...

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Victors, Visitors, and Victims – Victors


Victors Visitors Victims

The year is 1929. “Some Like It Hot”. A wonderful movie with a smile and a wink for every fan of good plots and splendid acting. The only reason why I invite you back to remember old movies is to share the magnetic intensity and the unforgettable hand of the title. Whatever the life, everybody likes it hot! And it is our own choice on whether or not we choose to live it out in one of the three roles of Victors, Visitors, and Victims.  Each role has its own, authentic hand.

Victors, Visitors, and Victims are the three principal life positions we live out in response to our life scripts. As we have discussed before the script is the driver, while the life position is how the script is presented to the world.

Life Positions and Goals

Before I go there let me take a little detour.


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